EmpathKare Home Health

A lot of senior elders, veterans, retired employees, and recovering patients are finding more and more reasons to stay at home to live, get treated, and be cared for. The home proves to be more conducive for recovery and wellness for the following reasons:

  • familiarity of the environment;
  • proximity of loved ones;
  • increased independence;
  • conducive for social, emotional, and mental wellness; and
  • the cost-savings which can be used for medications and other basic needs.

EmpathKare provides seniors and patients with a better opportunity to get the caring and the nursing they need at home. As we designed our home health care services, we always had the needs and the welfare of our patients in mind. This is why even our basic care plans are very patient-centered, making sure that all we need can be afforded in one package. We also customize care plans to make sure that they are fit to the patient’s physical, emotional, mental, and social requirements.

Basically, we offer the following home health services:

  • Skilled Nursing. This is fit for those needing special personal care and homemaking assistance to get through their daily lives comfortably.
  • Physical Therapy. For those who are recovering from illness, injury, or accident, and for those who have a need to keep or increase their balance and mobility.
  • Occupational Therapy. Assisting people who need to regain body control to accomplish daily personal and household tasks.
  • Speech Therapy. For patients who have undergone a stroke or are suffering an illness with symptom that affects speech.
  • Home Health Aide. A basic service we provide for non-medical needs at home like assisting in activities of daily life, and accomplishing light house chores.
  • Medical Social Services. For those who need assistance in case management and resource coordination.

Here in EmpathKare, we have every service that will provide your every need. Once your loved one requests to be cared for at home, you can say yes anytime knowing that we can be a trusted partner in ensuring their health and wellness. For a more accurate servicing, we encourage you to call us to set a schedule of an in-home assessment. Here, we will gather all necessary facts and data that we need for us to give you the most appropriate care plan that will perfectly suit the multi-faceted needs of your patient and your family.