EmpathKare Wellness Clinic

We are committed to providing Kindness, Affection, Reassurance and Excellence in an atmosphere that can assure patients to reach their optimum level of functioning. Our team consists of a physician, nurse practitioner, psychiatrist, psychologist and social workers. EmpathKare outpatient clinic service children, adolescent, adult and older adult. Our treatment approach is multi-disciplinary and individualized for each person and led by highly-qualified experienced professionals.

Signs to watch out for:

  • sudden disengagement or social withdrawal
  • increased difficulty in problem solving or planning
  • decrease in or decreased interest in accomplishing tasks
  • sudden mood swings and changes in behavioral patterns
  • age-inappropriate logic and behavior

Should these things become prevalent in your behavior, then it is best to have them checked by a mental wellness professional at our clinic. Having a care provider who can closely monitor them will help a lot in making sure that these symptoms are treated before they get worse.

Here at EmpathKare, all our professional staff have been aligned and trained to be extra-sensitive, not just with the needs but with the condition of their patients. To aid in their maintenance of mental health and wellness:

  • we encourage patients to focus on what’s ahead of them instead of closing in on their age or conditions;
  • we encourage them to accomplish tasks that they can still do safely;
  • we initiate playing mental board games and engaging in lots and lots of conversations;
  • we suggest diets that include meals which are brain-health-friendly;
  • we accompany them when reconnecting with friends and family members;
  • we introduce them to support groups;
  • we closely monitor their mental wellness;
  • we provide support as their companion, friend, and confidante.

Here at EmpathKare, you can be sure that we intentionally take care and look after our patients and loved ones as a whole person, attending to their needs physically, emotionally, socially, and mentally.

For more details about our clinic services, you may give us a call at 800-527-3649 for information.